Congratulations, WellSprings Graduates!

Congratulations, WellSprings Graduates!

Celebrating our graduates of all ages! 

  • Cameron Howe (Burke-Howe family) – graduated from Henderson High School, attending Edinboro University of Pennsylvania to study animation in the fall, and recipient of Presidential and Honors scholarships. 
  • Will and Dan Geary (Geary family) – both graduated from 8th grade at Montgomery School, attending Henderson High School in the fall. 
  • Alexander Floyd (Floyd family) – graduated from Downingtown East High School, attending University of Salisbury in Maryland as a recruited soccer athlete in the fall. 
  • Katherine Floyd (Floyd family) – graduated from Downingtown East High School, attending Temple University in the fall. 
  • Helen Zou (WS YouthSpirit Assistant extraordinare!) – graduated from Conestoga High School, attending Villanova University in the fall. 
  • Cindy King (King family) – completed University of Delaware graduate school with a Masters of Science in Hospitality Business Management. 
  • Elizabeth Norris (Norris family) – graduated from Souderton High School.  Taking classes locally in the fall. 
  • Raymond Forster (Norris family) – graduated from Boyertown Area High School, considering entering a trade. 

YouthBridge, HeartWorks and YouthSpirit worked together over the past few weeks to gather, assemble and deliver a gift to our graduates for families who “opted in.” 

In their bag they received a “letter to my future self” template, ready to be filled in and sent to WellSprings for safe keeping for 5 years. They found a friendship bracelet made by YouthSpirit and teen friends in their school colors. Grads also received a WellSprings quote card, an Amazon gift card, and notes from various fellow congregants, from kids to youth to adults. 

Thank you the 10+ WellSpringers who made this all possible. Congratulations WellSprings graduates! We wish you much success in your next endeavors.