A Look Back at Our “Starting Small” Message Series

A Look Back at Our “Starting Small” Message Series

During the month of May, WellSprings offered four very special services, which set out to include people of all ages. We had some of our younger WellSpringers helping out as Worship Leaders, chalice lighters, hat passers, and even activity leaders.

Keep reading to see a description of each week, and the accompanying photos and videos.

Week 1: Mystery Seeds

Rev. Ken led us in a planting activity. Each person present was given a small, biodegradable cup, some soil, and some “mystery seeds” to plant. Now that a few weeks have passed and the seeds are sprouting, we’ve revealed that the seeds are either Kale, Romaine lettuce, Arugula, or Watermelon Radish.

Week 2: Let the River FLow

Lay preacher, Chris Chepel, led the congregation (both online and in-person) in a WellSprings timeline activity. We were all invited to contribute memories of WellSPrings over it’s 15 years of ministry, as well as out hopes and dreams for the future. The timeline was themed as a river, so the youngest WellSpringers were invited to add pictures of wildlife.

Week 3: Moving Small Stones

Ministerial Intern, Beth Monhollen, shared with us the classic folktale “Stone Soup,” where a traveling musician helps motivate a village to give a little to make a lot. WellSpringers were handed vegetables on their way in (without knowing exactly why) and were invited to add their veggies to the stone soup.

As a group activity, we were invited to paint stones with messages of things we might do to help in small ways to solve big problems.

Week 4: Telling Fortunes

We had a junior Worship Leader this week! We also had a younger WellSpringer leading us in an origami project of making “fortune tellers.” Younger and elder folks were encouraged to play together, to ask questions, to be creative, and of course, to tell each other’s fortunes.

Thank you to the WellSpringers of all ages who participated, led, cheered on, volunteered, and held space in this month-long celebration of inter-generational connections.