A Fond Farewell to Our Drummer, Chris

A Fond Farewell to Our Drummer, Chris

After 10 dedicated years playing with the WellSprings Band, our drummer Chris St. Angelo is moving away with his family. This past Sunday, we took some time to celebrate all the tremendous talent and heart he’s brought to our music in worship, each week.

For the service, Chris chose all the songs, including a brand new song to conclude the service, “Last Hope” by Paramore. (He happened to let it slip that he’d always wanted us to do that song, and the rest of the band learned it, over the last two weeks!) Chris’s family also joined him to light the chalice at the beginning of our service. If you missed it, you can watch Sunday’s service online here.

As Rev. Lee said, “Our hearts beat along with the music every Sunday at WellSprings, and nothing keeps a community on-beat better than a drummer. For the past 10 years, we have truly been gifted with the best.”

As a going-away gift, Rev. Lee presented Chris with proceeds from a sizeable collection taken up by the congregation, to support him and his family in their move, as well as a housewarming gift: a framed poster from the WellSprings Live concert we put on last summer, signed by the members of the band.

We’re so grateful for the years of music that Chris helped bring to life here in our congregation. We wish him all the best on this next chapter, and hope that somewhere, there’s another congregation that’s about to gain an incredible drummer!