WellSprings 1.0 Recap

WellSprings 1.0 Recap

Scroll below for copies of handouts, or to re-watch any of the videos we shared during our WellSprings 1.0 classes for newcomers.

WellSprings 1.1 – Our Unitarian Universalist Tradition

This short video from the Unitarian Universalist Association gives an overview of our present-day religious tradition.

How did Unitarian Universalism develop, and where does it come from? In the video below, Rev. Lee explains the origins of our tradition, the essentials of our core beliefs, and how our movement has grown and changed over time.

The current UU principles and sources are available to read here. You can watch a longer video about UU History on YouTube, or these two separate videos about the Unitarian and Universalist branches of our heritage.

WellSprings 1.2 – Our WellSprings Community

How did WellSprings get started? In this video, we hear from Rev. Ken, along with some of our earliest members – Carl & Sharon Bader, Chris Chepel, Ron & Regina Notar, and Tonie Scullion – about what WellSprings was like when they first arrived, what has changed, and what has stayed the same.

How is WellSprings organized? This document includes a description of our structure, as well as links to our congregational bylaws, Board policies, covenants between our ministers and leaders, and more.

WellSprings 1.3 – Becoming a Member

What does it mean to become a member at WellSprings? What changes?

Visit “The Four ‘S’s of Membership” to learn what membership means.

In this video, we hear from Rev. Lee about pastoral care, and what it means to have a congregation support you. Carol Breslin speaks about our youth programs. You’ll also hear from Bob Miller about what Small Groups at WellSprings are like. Tiffany Shoffner also talks to us about a time where the congregation helped her family through a challenging time.

Read about ways to support our congregation at “Giving to WellSprings.