The Four “S”s of Membership

The Four “S”s of Membership

When you join our community, we invite you to spend some time reflecting on what we at WellSprings call the four “S”s of membership: Spiritual Growth, Showing Up, Serving, & Sharing. Take some time to think through the questions below, and consider what membership within our community might look like for you. Feel free to bring any questions to Jessica Heichel, our Membership & Communications Coordinator – so we can help you match your intentions with the right place for you, within our congregation.

Spiritual  Growth

The overarching reason for being here at WellSprings is to help people develop and flourish in their own spiritual life. It’s from spiritual growth that all the other great things our community does arises. Where are you growing spiritually, right now? Where do you sense a longing or hunger in your life?

Showing  Up

As the saying goes, “Ninety percent of life is just showing up.” We want to greet you as who you fully are, and create a community where your whole self can show up. Is showing up easy for you, or hard? Who do you already show up for, and who shows up for you?


We hope you’ll choose to be involved in our community in ways that fit your talents, passions, and gifts. When WellSpringers are joyfully engaged, within and beyond our community, we all benefit. What kinds of environments help you grow and thrive? What kinds of gifts do you want to develop in yourself? What kinds of effort or work feed you, rather than deplete you?


We know the charge of the soul is increased when we share who we are, and what we have, with each other and with all who are searching for a community like ours.  What does generosity look like in your life? Is money a taboo or uncomfortable topic for you, or in your family? How do you make decisions about giving and generosity? What values or circumstances inform your choices?