WellSprings Congregation Online Participation FAQ

WellSprings Congregation Online Participation FAQ

Thank you for agreeing to participate with WellSprings’ online presence! In the interests of transparency, and to avoid any future confusion about how your materials will continue to exist online, we’ve assembled a short FAQ.

How long will my materials be available online?

The short answer is “indefinitely.” When you submit materials to WellSprings, they are incorporated into one or several of our online presences (website, YouTube channel, app, social media accounts, podcast, newsletter, etc.).

As with all online material, there is a natural window of relevance that will slowly begin to close over time. As newer materials are published, older materials will get pushed down on timelines, homepages, and playlists; they will remain online, but will be less immediately visible.

However, we do want to be clear that items submitted to us for online use may stay online for many years.

Is my name searchable?

In some cases, yes. If you are being featured online, it’s possible that your full name has been shared either verbally or in writing. Names that have simply been stated aloud on a video or audio recording are not searchable. Names that have been written out in a text format are searchable.

If you have concerns about this, please communicate them to our Membership & Communications Coordinator, Jessica Heichel (jessica@wellspringsuu.org) before publication. We can take measures such as using only your first name, or identifying you simply as “A member of our HeartWorks Team,” “A parent in our congregation” etc.

My child is featured online. How will they be kept safe?

As a rule, we never feature a child’s full name along with their image anywhere online. If a photo of your child is taken and they are wearing a nametag, the tag will be either blurred or cropped out of the picture.

Photos taken during WellSprings events may include photos of children and youth under 18. If you wish to instruct us on how or if we may use your child/ren’s images, please register them on the WellSprings Family Faith Development form .

I was featured in the past but am now uncomfortable with my image being online. Can you take it down?

As stated in the first question, media submitted to us for online use is intended for long-term use. Many times, your materials might appear as part of a larger piece like a Sunday Service, a mini documentary, etc. In these cases, taking those videos down would mean losing the work and volunteer effort of many WellSpringers and Staff.

Of course, if a situation were to arise where you felt you were in danger by having your image online, please contact our Membership & Communications Coordinator, Jessica Heichel (jessica@wellspringsuu.org) and/or Rev. Lee (lee@wellspringsuu.org) immediately. We will come up with an appropriate plan and can also connect you with community resources that can help you further.

What are some good practices when submitting materials to be used online?

  • Carefully consider whether you want to use your last name. It’s okay to only identify yourself by your first name, or to get even more vague and use something like “a fellow WellSpringer.”
  • At in-person group events, we designate seating that won’t be on camera. If you are uncomfortable appearing on camera, seek out this seating so you won’t appear in any crowd shots in the future.
  • If your materials include a call to action, and you want people to contact you, consider whether you’d like to use your personal email address. You can always create a special email address just for this purpose, or you can direct folks to email a WellSprings leader or staff person.
  • Consider filming or photographing yourself in a neutral or nondescript location like a park.
  • Communicate clearly with leadership and staff when creating your content. If you have specific concerns, let us know so we can be aware and offer suggestions.
  • Always feel free to ask questions!