Finding Support and Connection

Finding Support and Connection

The membership process at WellSprings doesn’t end with the signing of our Member Book. Now that you’ve decided to make WellSprings your new spiritual home, it’s time to make sure you’re connecting in ways that are meaningful and helpful to you.

Pastoral Care

If you are experiencing a personal crisis or hardship, or simply feel you need some spiritual guidance for any reason, you are invited to connect directly with Rev. Lee and the Caring Team. They are all here to help support you, to listen, and to offer comfort during life’s difficult times. You can schedule a time to speak to Rev. Lee at this link. Or you can send a message to the Caring Team at

Finding Where You Fit In

We want you to know that you belong here at WellSprings. That’s why we have an entire team devoted to helping you get the most out of your spiritual community. The Belonging Team invites new and existing WellSpringers to experience a sense of belonging through intentional outreach, as well as creating and fostering opportunities for ongoing connection with each other. You are encouraged to contact the Belonging Team any time you feel the need for greater connection.

Our Membership Coordinator

For general questions, please reach out to our Membership and Communications Coordinator, Jessica Heichel, anytime!