A Letter to New Members from Our Ministers

A Letter to New Members from Our Ministers

Dear New Members,

Welcome to membership at WellSprings! We know that joining a spiritual community is a significant decision, and trust that you’ve put time and energy into your discernment to make this new commitment. Please know how grateful we are, for your choice to share your lives, and to grow, alongside us all.

At this point, you already know something about the regular heartbeat of our community: our Sunday morning worship services, YouthSpirit programming for kids and teens, small group offerings, events hosted by our many Teams and Ministries, and the support and presence available to you through connection with us, and with our larger community.

This packet contains some more information about the life of WellSprings. You’ll find out how to get connected with our community online, how to set up regular giving to support the congregation, and you’ll receive a reminder of both our Beliefs & Commitments and the four Foundations of Membership that form the basis for our covenant – our promises to each other as members of WellSprings.

Sometime in the next few weeks, our Membership & Communications Coordinator, Jessica Heichel, will follow up with you to provide opportunities for connection so you can realize your hopes for spiritual growth within our community. As you continue deepening your relationships here, we hope you’ll find new ways to connect and grow through sharing your gifts on a Team, volunteering with a one-time event, or coming together in other ways to power the charge of the soul in our midst, and share it with others both here and beyond our congregation.

We are so thrilled to have you join us – and anytime you have questions or thoughts, are dealing with a challenge, have something to celebrate, or simply want to get to know us and this new community better, we would love to hear from you.

May you live in blessing,

Rev. Lee Paczulla, Executive Minister                          

Rev. Ken Beldon, Founding Minister