Messages from September 2022

Messages from September 2022

The Idol of Fame

In Today’s message, Rodney Whittenberg shares stories about what it means to want to be famous, and what it means to achieve a bit of fame. Why do we look up to the famous, and what can we learn from them?

The Idol of Purity

Ministerial Intern, Beth Monhollen talks today about how differences of religious practice have shaped our lives, especially today in America.

The Idol of Wealth

Rev. Lee introduced our new American Idols series with a story about the “Idol” of wealth. She shares a story about a real estate investor who chooses to overlook the opportunity for making vast profits, and instead focuses on building up a community of committed neighbors.

WellCome Back Sunday

Rev. Lee and Ministerial Intern, Beth Monhollen, have organized a special blessing and “refreshing” for us this week. Congregants were invited to bring in a house plant and to let the congregation offer the plants a little boost.

Moving to Action

In today’s message, Rev. Lee sits down with local DEI advocate, Brandyn Campbell to speak about the importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion, especially as it relates to young people, and in schools.