Messages from April 2022

Messages from April 2022

Belonging Sunday

A special Sunday service where we celebrate WellSprings membership. We welcome our newest members, and hear stories of belonging at WellSprings from several existing members as well

A Different Way

Rev. Lee talks today about her decision to reduce her workload temporarily to help prevent burnout. In this honest message, she asks all of us to consider the ways in which we might approach work and responsibilities differently – in a way that helps us continue to both work and care for ourselves. A Different Way [00:00:01] Speaker1Who knows where the time goes. It’s April already. And I can’t believe Easter is next week. There’s so many. Wonderful things aboutbeing…

God Shaped Hole

Rev. Ken begins this week with remembering his father, who passed away last Fall. He shares with us a poem/song his father wrote called ‘Tsuris,” a Yiddish word equating to “stress.” He tells us about his father’s experiences in the Korean war, and how traumatic they must have been. We are invited to listen to a poem quietly, and consider the busy nature of our lives, and whether that’s serving us. He shares a story about another veteran recounting his…