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Love the Hell Out of Yourself

This week, Rev. Ken talks about how he’s been using social media as a means of reaching out during the pandemic. He also talks about challenging emotions many of us are feeling right now. What do both Buddhist teachings and Pixar movies have to say about challenging emotions, and how can we apply those lessons to our lives? He ends with a story about a wrongfully imprisoned man, and a prayer rug which helps him in more ways than one.…

“Love is an Active Noun”

Lay-preacher Chris Groppe shares his first ever message with us. He shares what we can learn about love from Mr. Rogers, a person who taught us what it really means to love all people. He also talks about what a challenging concept that can sometimes be, and shares a meditation which might help us better understand lovingkindness. Love is an Active Noun [00:00:09]Very excited to be here with you today. For by first preaching. I have to admit, when I…

“The Outsiders”

Rev. Ken kicks off our message series, “Love the Hell Out of this World,” by exploring the concept of Universalism through the lens of – wait for it – Weird Al Yankovic. What can we learn from a painfully shy, almost cloistered youth who made so much safe space for those who have always felt like outsiders? “The Outsiders” Transcript START OF TRANSCRIPT[00:00:00]The following is a message from Wellspring’s congregation.[00:00:05]Hi, everybody. It’s good to be connected with you again in…

“The Music of Friendship”

This week, Rodney Whittenberg takes us on a musical journey through his life. He plays selected songs, and tells us about the friends he most associates with each piece. How can we use music now to be a healing force in these unprecedented times? How can we use music to stay connected when we must stay physically apart?