Send Us A Shout!

Send Us A Shout!

Summer is here, which means WellSprings youth and WellSpringers of all ages have many opportunities to get outside and have fun. While our kids aren’t connecting in person right now, we are still doing a lot to keep kids connected.

Our YouthSpirit Meetings happen every Sunday at 9 am, our Teen Game Nights happen a few times every month, and we recently offered a Netflix watch party for a Spiritflix family feature.

And we still hold space for our young friends during our 10 AM YouTube service in a fun feature we call the YouthSpirit Yell.

We ask people in our community to send us a video, approximately 1 to 2 minutes long, where they YELL their hellos either to or from WellSprings youth.

Some examples of YouthSpirit Yells you might want to consider:

  • A long-distance hello from a beach or other vacation spot
  • Show off a cool skill our young friends have learned this summer
  • Play us a song
  • Show us how our young friends have been helping in the kitchen or around the house.
  • A hello from a backyard fort
  • Artwork created by you
  • Show-and-tell about a special collection (Rev. Lee recently shared some minerals and crystals with us)
  • Introduce us to your pets
  • Tell us about a service project you’re involved with
  • Take us on a tour of your garden
  • Show us anything you’re proud of or excited about!

The YouthSpirit Yell is one of our favorite parts of online Sunday service, and we would love to add your voice to the many who have already contributed. If you’d like to share a video, please send it to

We can’t wait to see what you’ve been up to this summer!