Sunday Services

Sunday Services

What can I expect at a Sunday Service?

Welcome! Come on in, grab a cup of coffee or tea, and stop by our Welcome Table to make yourself a nametag. Our services usually start right on time. On a typical Sunday morning, we:

  • Sing Together. Our band starts us off with three songs – lyrics are projected onto a screen so you can sing along! (If you’re running late, don’t worry, you’re not alone – lots of folks arrive during the music.)
  • Greet One Another. Our Worship Leader is a member of the congregation, not an ordained minister. After they introduce themselves, they’ll invite someone to light a flame to begin the service, then share a brief story, to help you get to know our community better. After that, you’ll have a chance to greet the people around you. Feel free to let them know it’s your first time here, and how you found us!
  • Give Beyond Ourselves. WellSprings believes in sharing what we have, within and beyond our doors. Our Worship Leader will talk about what our giving supports, as members of our community (often the kids!) pass the hats. There’s no pressure – especially for a first time visitor.
  • Share the Silence. You’ll be invited into about a minute of silent meditation. It’s a peaceful moment that we hope will help to ground you, for the week ahead.
  • Engage the Message. At this point in the service, children age 5-12 are invited to join YouthSpirit, and a message is delivered by one of our ministers, or sometimes, by a Worship Leader. We aim to share messages that are heart-opening, thought-provoking, challenging, funny, and real. Our message closes with a prayer.
  • Connect and Digest. Coffee and donuts are served as the service comes to an end with more music. At our Welcome Table in the back corner of our space, you can pick up printed information, learn about ways to connect, or just ask more questions about our community. Of course, you’re also invited to mill around, introduce yourself to someone new, or continue a conversation you began during our Greeting time!

Services last one hour – if your child is in YouthSpirit, we ask that you pick them up in Gresh Hall, directly across the lawn from where services are held.

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