More About the Board

More About the Board


The Board of Trustees is responsible for:

  • Setting church policy
  • Oversight of strategic planning
  • Oversight of finances
  • Approval of the annual church budget
  • Oversight of use of facilities
  • Ministerial transition
  • Risk management


In addition to the duties defined by the bylaws, the officers have the following responsibilities:

The Board President chairs the Board’s meetings and establishes the agenda, facilitates or arranges for facilitation of Board meetings, and works in partnership with the Executive Minister to ensure productive partnership between the Board and staff. The Board President moderates the Annual Congregational Meetings and leads the Board in the planning of congregational meetings.

The Vice President(s) assists and substitutes for the Board President upon request. The Vice President is responsible for leading the Board’s planning work, including planning conversations with members and supporters of the church.

The Secretary ensures the safety and accuracy of Board records including the minutes and these policies. The Secretary ensures that accurate minutes are taken at Board meetings and congregational meetings. The Secretary may be required to sign legal documents for the church, such as the bylaws and Board Resolutions. The Secretary is responsible for posting the notice of the annual congregational meeting.

The Treasurer supports fulfillment of the Board’s financial oversight responsibilities by working with the Financial Officer and staff to ensure that appropriate financial reports are made available to Board members on a timely basis. The Treasurer provides a financial update to the Board of Trustees monthly, to the congregation on a quarterly basis, and gives a financial update at the Annual Congregational Meeting. The Treasurer is responsible for financial audit or review.