Messages by Rodney Whittenberg

Messages by Rodney Whittenberg

Making Friends With Fear

Lay preacher, Rodney Whittenberg, talks about feeling afraid often in life, but reminds us that fear is sometimes a useful emotion. Fear can help us make decisions in our own best interests. To illustrate, he shares a story of his father feeling afraid while driving, and also a story from a friend of his who happens to be an Army Ranger. What happens when we embrace the fear we feel, rather than trying to shove it aside? Making Friends With…

The Camden 28

Lay preacher Rodney Whittenberg shares a story of growing up Catholic, and his amazement at people who are able to be nonviolent in the face of adversity. His Spiritflix movie is The Camden 28 – a documentary about a group of devoted Catholics who planned to break into a federal building and destroy the draft cards of hundreds of young men. The Camden 28 START OF TRANSCRIPT[00:00:01]The following is a message from Wellspring’s congregation.[00:00:11]Good morning, everyone, welcome to this week’s…

The Music of Friendship

This week, Rodney Whittenberg takes us on a musical journey through his life. He plays selected songs, and tells us about the friends he most associates with each piece. How can we use music now to be a healing force in these unprecedented times? How can we use music to stay connected when we must stay physically apart?