Interfaith Action Community’s Response to the Murder of George Floyd

Interfaith Action Community’s Response to the Murder of George Floyd

WellSprings is proud to join with our neighboring faith communities today, signing on in support of the words below…

The Interfaith Action Community (IAC) is a grassroots organization in Chester County, PA with a mission inspired by all our different faith traditions.

We stand with communities of color and against all civic, societal, cultural, governmental, or religious policies, laws, and practices that maintain systemic racism and the myth of white supremacy. We add our voices to the call for justice for the death of George Floyd and all other victims of the persistent racism that stains our country. We offer compassionate hearts in our shared humanity and suffering.

As an interfaith community, we may not agree on the name for or even existence of a single divine being, yet we are united by common values of love, compassion, and genuine acceptance of our diverse faiths, practices, and stories. We stand together, in the grace of our diversity and our common humanity, lifting up our prayers to the divine as seen by each of us. We pray for all who feel unseen, unheard, demoralized, devalued, diminished, at risk and without hope because of the many layers of injustice our society attaches to skin color. We pray that our divine will move us to see the sacred in every person and to inspire us to use our privilege on behalf of all.

We pray that our leaders will enact changes to our law enforcement practices now to end what is clearly a public health crisis for people of color. We pray that “liberty and justice for all” becomes a reality in our American society, not just words recited out of duty. Together, we lift up our prayers with many voices, many languages, many names for the divine, for justice, respect, and compassion for every human being.

Shalom, blessings, salaam, namaste, Allah-u-Abha and peace be with you,

– The members of the Interfaith Action Community

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