“Coming Home” Our Winter Message Series

“Coming Home” Our Winter Message Series

Even when we feel like we are going nowhere, we are always in an astonishing place: right here, at home, in our bodies. There are many ways to stop and pause, and feel our way back to this present, embodied moment – and an abiding, enduring spiritual practice gives us the ability to find peace and presence, no matter where we are. This Winter, we’ll “test drive” a spiritual practice together in worship each week, with hopes that all of us can find a practice to come home to no matter what goes on in the world beyond our own skin.

This message series is unique in that each week will highlight a different spiritual practice. Below is a schedule of speakers and the practices they’ll be sharing with us.

  • January 3: Rev. Ken Beldon – New Year’s ritual
  • January 10: Rev. Lee Paczulla – The Practice of Generosity
  • January 17: Rev. Ken Beldon – The Practice of Mindfulness
  • January 24: Chris Groppe – Drawing & Artistic Practices
  • January 31: Rev. Lee Paczulla – The Practice of Yoga & Embodied Movement
  • February 14: Rev. Ken Beldon – Heart & Compassion Practices
  • February 28: Lee – Nature-Based Practices 

Resource Guide

The Spiritual Development Ministry has shared a resource guide for this message series. This features supplemental readings and other materials which can help you deepen your understanding of the spiritual practices discussed each week.