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Renewing Our Membership Commitments

This Sunday, we’re welcoming new members to WellSprings at our Belonging Sunday service online. But because Belonging Sunday is a celebration of all members, not only our newest, we are also inviting you to renew your membership commitment this spring. Here are two ways to renew your commitment: The “New Member” Website Section – We’ve created a section of our website specifically for new members. There, you’ll find all the new information we hand out to members during our revamped…

What’s Belonging Sunday?

Coming up on April 11th, WellSprings is celebrating a new twist on an older tradition. Introducing: Belonging Sunday! In past years, we’ve welcomed new members at a special New Member Sunday Service; usually once in the Spring and once in the Fall. This year, we’re introducing something new. We’re celebrating WellSprings membership at a special service, and we’re inviting our existing members to come meet our newest members as part of this all-ages service. Rather than offering membership twice a…

Easter Sunday at WellSprings

This Sunday at 10 AM on our YouTube Channel, we hope you’ll join us for a special Easter Sunday service. We are keeping our physical distance again this year, but we have plenty in store to make it a special day for all. Here’s what you can expect this year: A Virtual Easter Egg Hunt: Like last year, WellSprings is once again participating in a virtual Easter egg hunt. Go on a tour of UU Congregation websites, and see if…


It’s Okay to Not Be Okay

This week, Chris reflects on the entirety of the weight of the pandemic. There are different levels of loss, but she validates the fact that we’ve all lost something. Perhaps we’ve remained healthy, perhaps we’ve kept our jobs, perhaps all our loved ones are safe; yet we’ve all lost things this past year. She contemplates why we are encouraged to shout our joyful moments, but to keep our lamentations quiet. Naming our grief and giving it space can be healing.…

Belonging Sunday

This week, Rev. Lee explains the meaning of Belonging Sunday in our congregation. She reflects on what it means to belong to a community, especially now that we’re in a pandemic. Later, she asks us to consider how there can be a cloud and sunshine in something as simple as a piece of paper. Our new members are introduced, and Rev. Lee goes over what’s in the welcome package we delivered to each household. There’s also a special welcome from…

Life Among the Living

Rev. Lee begins this week by acknowledging that we are all “in need of a resurrection.” She sympathizes with the women in the Easter story of the resurrection who were visiting his grave that Sunday. She reminds us that when Jesus is resurrected, he isn’t recognized by his friends and family – he’s unfamiliar. A messenger reminds the women that we can not look for the living among the dead. We can’t find new life in what is past. We…


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