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WellSprings Canned Food Drive

Our HeartWorks Team is running a canned food drive, with a social distancing twist. Shop when you can, buy what you can, and drop off at a local food bank of your choice. Here’s the complete message from HeartWorks: HELP DONATE CANNED FOOD AND NON-PERISHABLE ITEMS THROUGH THE MONTH OF AUGUST                              Goal:  A Community Food & Fundraising effort to support people facing hunger and the food banks who help them.   So far we have raised $ towards our $ target! That’s  of…

Celebrating our Resilience, and Planning for the Rest of the Year

Greetings from the Generosity & Gratitude Ministry, This has been quite a season at WellSprings, as we’re sure it’s been for you, too. Sometimes it helps to take stock of all we’ve done, and recognize just how much we have to be grateful for—our adaptability, our tenacity, and our care for each other—amidst it all. Take a moment, if you’d like, to do that for yourself today. Make a list, and let yourself be grateful and astonished by it. What…

Send Us A Shout!

Summer is here, which means WellSprings youth and WellSpringers of all ages have many opportunities to get outside and have fun. While our kids aren’t connecting in person right now, we are still doing a lot to keep kids connected. Our YouthSpirit Meetings happen every Sunday at 9 am, our Teen Game Nights happen a few times every month, and we recently offered a Netflix watch party for a Spiritflix family feature. And we still hold space for our young…


Blinded By the Light

This week, Rev. Ken continues our Spiritflix series with a message about the movie Blinded By the Light – a film where the main character is asking the question “How do I fit in?” Rev. Ken talks about how this film reminded him of the eulogy President Obama gave for John Lewis, calling us to a “Vibrant, big-hearted, tolerant America of perpetual self creation.” He also reflects on the importance of the Bruce Springsteen lyric “No one wins unless everybody…


This week, Rev. Lee preaches about the Ava Duvernay documentary, “13th.” She begins by talking about her family’s experiences, both spoken and unspoken, which led to her growing up in the suburbs. It’s important to realize that the racist ideas that allowed slavery are still operating in our politics and criminal justice system today, but she reminds us that our actions have power, even if it doesn’t seem to “work” in the moment. 13th [00:00:00]The following is a message from…

Dead to Me

This week, Rev. Ken discusses the Netflix series “Dead To Me.” In discussing it’s themes of grief, he reveals that he has an app on his phone that reminds him about death five times a day. He talks about the five stages of grief and how complicated they are – especially now when so many Covid deaths might be the result of a rush to get back to normal. Dead to Me [00:00:00]The following is a message from Wellspring’s congregation.[00:00:05]Good…


Our community shares what we have, within and beyond our doors – always motivated by care, compassion, and gratitude.

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