Personal Stories


"What I'm realizing is that it's not being a mom,
wife and volunteer that justify my life."
  — Maria

Asking myself "Is this all there is to life?" had always felt selfish and ungrateful when I looked out at my two beautiful children, loving husband, and really nice four-bedroom house with a two-car garage. I mean, what more could I ask for? My life has all the ingredients of the American Dream. And yet…I still yearned to fill a kind of emptiness I felt and to find a community where I could explore "meaning of life" topics.

At WellSprings I've found more than just a discussion about religion. In this community, I've been helped to develop my spirituality in a way I didn't know existed. Together we support and challenge each other to find ways to go deeper. What I'm realizing is that it's not being a mom, wife, and volunteer that justify my life. My life justifies itself. Who I am in the world, my daily actions, and my deeds do matter—but grace (or love, or whatever you want to call it) is mine, and always has been. Now THIS is worth getting up on Sunday morning for!

Chris and Eoin

"Imagine a Religious Community that helps you put the pieces together."  — Chris

WellSprings is firmly grounded in the question "why?" We focus on the core purposes of the congregation and of each of our lives. Before my involvement with WellSprings, in my fast-paced career and committee work at a different, established church, asking "why?" seemed like a luxury. I often found myself over-committed, tired, frustrated, and as my fiancé and I joked, in a perpetual state of "late, lost, and can't find my stuff." I was adrift in a sea of different to-do lists and calendars.

In reality, taking time to ask "why?" is not a luxury, but a necessity. Now I have a "one life, one calendar" policy. I make choices about what's important, about why I'm doing what I'm doing, not just what needs to be done. I can say "no" more firmly but also "yes" with greater enthusiasm.

This is deeper than just time management—it's about putting the pieces together. Starting fro why, WellSprings has helped me reconnect with my deepest self, which has enriched my relationships, my work, and my life.

Frank and Family

"I've been in search for truth in spiritual meaning most of my life.
That path continues."
  — Frank

Growing up, my spiritual influences were diverse and rich. My mother was a Christian, my father a
Jew. Both were fantastic role models, one serving our community as an elementary school teacher, the other a family doctor. They both gave back to their communities.

Although I followed the Jewish tradition and became Bar Mitzvah, I valued the religious traditions of both my parents. Their love for life and social outreach helped me to appreciate all people of good and deep faith…no matter what their religious orientation.

My wife Suzanne (born a Christian) and I have been blessed with two healthy children. We both wanted them to be at home in a liberal religion that embraces God in a non-dogmatic way.

Now that I'm in the autumn of life, I know how important spirituality is in keeping me grounded in daily life. In a life that is much more complex than where I began, WellSprings helps me reconnect, reflect, and expand on my God given gifts.

Jim and Family

"When my children reached the age where they started asking about
Big Religious Questions, my answers were inadequate."
  — Jim

I stopped going to the church in which I was raised because my understanding of a loving God became incompatible with their understanding of God. For a long time I was a faithful member of the "Sunday morning paper" church.

When my children reached the age where they started asking about Big Religious Questions, my answers were inadequate. When I told my mother about this, she said "if you raise your children without a religious community, you are making the choice about religion for them." This conversation hit my heart, and I searched until I found WellSprings.

Now my distrust of organized religion has been replaced with hope and faith. I have developed an understanding of God without compromising my integrity. Importantly, WellSprings is creating a religious program that is not focused on telling kids what they must believe, but instead gives our children tools to develop their own spiritual identity. This will help them answer the Big Religious Questions in their own unique way and provide a moral compass to aid them in making wise choices as they grow up.

Sunday Services


Two Services:  9:30 AM and 11:00 AM


The Montgomery School (Bell Hall)
1141 Kimberton Road (Route 113)
Chester Springs, PA 19425
*Accessible entrance in back of Bell Hall. Follow the driveway loop to parking at top of hill, and enter the left-side doors.
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Casual and contemporary. Come as you are.



Sunday Mornings

YouthSpirit is just for kids! We strive to create spaces where our kids experience and talk about the things that make living more meaningful, like friendship, gratitude, kindness, forgiveness, and caring for self, each other and all living things. Children begin each Sunday morning in our lively, music-filled service with their families, and are dismissed to YouthSpirit about 25 minutes after the service begins.


Our Nursery is staffed all morning with two experienced caregivers who can attend to the needs of our littlest ones (5 and under). We do welcome all ages to stay in our service throughout the entire morning, so please choose what’s best for your family!


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